The Creator of AAC Space is using AAC.

Noah Callan is the founder of AAC Space. One of the benefits of being in Japan when I was three was how they embraced the Internet early, and I was lucky enough to adapt to it. I became pretty proficient at using a computer and accessing the Internet. At about three, I can remember accessing our Windows XP laptop with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) software called Clicker 4 to practice writing sentences with only a jelly bean switch. I then discovered the giant trackball to move the mouse around on the screen, and Crick Switch Box, with jelly bean switches, left and right-clicked. Soon after, I discovered the program WeVik, an onscreen keyboard that enabled me to move the mouse and click any letter; this helped me write messages to my family. Even at such an early age, I could see the power technology could give me in my life. From there, AAC has been my whole life. Now using Grid Paid 12 with the access method of eye gaze. 

To start your AAC journey can be overwhelming. I created this site to get an idea of what AAC providers and Speech Pathologist services are out there to make it easier for you.