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What does AAC stands for?
Augmentative and Alternative Communication allows non verbal person to communicate instead of speech. This fantastic tool allows them tell everyone when and what they want.
Get comfortable with awkward silence
The communication partner need to wait for an average of 45 seconds until the AAC user delivers their message.
Have the device always available
If the AAC device isn't the user reach or left it behind somewhere, they can't output what they want to say. We need to make sure we take their device everywhere we go.
Interact with the AAC user
Don't be overwhelmed by interacting with an AAC user. Just talk to them like a regular person. We can understand you but we communicate in a different way.
Modeling is the key to success
Get involved with the AAC user by pointing the symbols on their device and speaking the word out. This helps them to realize how powerful their device is. Also, teaching him how to use it.
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